Vermont Vacation Guide

VERMONTVACATION.COM L O V E W H E R E Y O U L I V E Love Vermont so much you hate leaving it in the rear-viewmirror? You’re not alone. Vermont is known for its unbeatable quality of life, strong communities, pristine environment, and stunning landscapes. Vermonters are independent-thinking, friendly and resourceful, building successful, fulfilling lives in the Green Mountain State. WHAT IS YOUR VERMONT STORY? Kiera Bratton-Lewis and Cory Lewis We grew up in the same neighborhood in Brattleboro, went to the same elementary school, and were neighbors in high school. Kiera’s grandparents moved to Vermont when they were in their 20s; they stayed and raised their kids here. Cory’s parents also moved to Vermont when they were in their 20s. Both our families are still here in Vermont, within 45 minutes. We love the natural beauty of the state, the self-reliant spirit, and communities. We believe it’s the best state in the country to grow up in and we’re excited to start our own family here. Brian and Calista Budrow and Family We took a two-week road trip around Vermont in the summer of 2018 and visited countless charming towns, drove scenic byways, and stayed in perfect inns. That trip sold us on Vermont. We were welcomed before we even moved. We instantly found a group of parents who were also new to the area, all with kids around the same age. We feel fortunate to have discovered Rutland County and recommend the area to anyone thinking about moving to Vermont. It is affordable, welcoming, and central to events and recreational activities. For more inspiration on making the move to Vermont visit: PHOTOS COURTESY OF: VERMONT TOURISM ANNAWATTS FOR THE VERMONT FUTURES PROJECT VERMONT TOURISM